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Who would have thought, that i would ever start my own blog? - Not me

Last week i got the idea. In school i am participating in a special "creative media arts" class. This is the third year that I am in this class, and our project for this year was to deal with "violence" in all its' different characteristics, meanings and the various ways to look at it.


I thought about it for some time and i decided, i was going to do something with the word itself. Doing a projet about abused women or children seemed to be too obviouse to me or talking about the horrors in Syria was too specific - i wanted to set a statement upon violence in general.

Suddenly it hit me - people do not all think about violence the same way, and they probably never will - but i wanted to do something that would make all of them think about it.


What are the most famouse and refelcted quotes about violence?

I looked it up on the internet and got with some really good ones, that animated me rethink some of my convictions.


I put the quotes on posters and also made a prezi about them, but it was not enough, - probably no one would see them -  that was the moment when i realized there was an option for me to publish my opinions.

I'm starting my own blog.



 Here are some questions i asked myself bevor i struggled through and created my own blog:

What would pop up in the minds of other people, when presented with such a task?

And would they recognize the purpose behind what i have done?


my elaborated quotes and other entrys will follow.



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